EU on a Warpath with Tech Giants Over Digital Market Rules



Look who’s in hot water now – Apple, Google, and Meta are all in a bit of a jam with the European Commission. Yep, the tech honchos are being accused of not playing by the EU’s rules. Cue the dramatic music!

So, what’s the scoop? The EU is throwing shade at these bigwigs for not following the Digital Market Act (DMA), a set of rules meant to keep things fair in the tech world.

The spotlight is on Apple and Google and their app stores for mobiles. The EU wants more competition on these platforms, and it seems like these tech bigwigs aren’t too thrilled about that. Apple’s attempts to follow the DMA rules are being side-eyed, especially by Epic Games. They’re not holding back – Epic boss Tim Sweeney called it “hot garbage”. Ouch!

But wait, there’s more – Apple is also getting called out for limiting user choice when it comes to picking default browsers and search engines on iPhones. And Google is being grilled for supposedly favouring its own services in search results. Tsk, tsk!

The EU is giving these companies a stern warning – shape up or prepare for some serious fines. They could be slapped with penalties of up to 10 percent of their total worldwide turnover, or even up to 20 percent for repeat offences. That’s a hefty sum, to say the least!

EU bigwig Thierry Breton isn’t messing about. He’s made it clear that the EU means business and won’t tolerate any funny business when it comes to the DMA. The clock is ticking for Apple, Google, and Meta, as the EU aims to wrap up its investigations within the next year.

This isn’t the first time Apple and Epic Games have butted heads. Just a few weeks ago, the EU launched another probe into their ongoing battle, which led to Fortnite getting kicked off the App Store. But fear not, Fortnite fans – the game is set to return to iPhones in the EU later this year. Phew!

It’s all kicking off in the tech world as the EU lays down the law on the big guns. Will these tech giants play nice with the EU’s rules, or will they continue to do things their own way? Only time will tell! So stay tuned, folks!


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