“Google Maps: Top Dog in Navigation Apps, Study Shows”



Are you one of those folks who can’t navigate life without Google Maps? Well, you’re not flying solo, my friend! A new study by MarketWatch has spilled the beans on the top navigation app choices of folks in the U.S.

According to the study, a whopping 70% of the 1,000 drivers surveyed swear by Google Maps. That’s a huge chunk, considering that Apple Maps comes ready to roll on all iPhones. Waze and Apple Maps did manage to snag some users, with about a quarter of the respondents using each of these apps.

But let’s get real here, when it comes to navigation apps, Google Maps takes the cake. Not only does it guide you from A to B, but it also keeps you in the loop about speed traps, accidents, and road closures. And let’s not forget about the age-old iPhone vs. Android battle – seems like the Google vs. Apple Maps showdown is a bite-sized version of that.

The study found that a whopping 34% of people have been warned about a speed trap by their navigation app at least once. Now that’s a pretty nifty feature, especially if you’re like me and tend to have a heavy foot on the gas pedal.

What’s even more intriguing is that despite the iPhone frenzy, a big chunk of users are still sticking with Google Maps. Reports have shown that a good number of Android users are hopping over to iOS each year, and with iPhones taking over half of all smartphone shipments in the U.S., it’s crystal clear that Google Maps is the top dog for navigation.

When you toss together the users of both Waze and Google Maps, it’s pretty darn obvious that Google has the majority of people covered when it comes to helping us scoot over to our destination in record time. With Google Maps ruling the roost in the navigation app game, it’s no surprise that so many folks are turning to it for their driving needs.

So, there you have it – Google Maps is the reigning champ of navigation apps, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Looks like it’s time to give a round of applause to Google for getting us where we need to go, while keeping us out of hot water on the road. Hip-hip-hooray for you, Google Maps!


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