How to Keep Your House a Mystery on Google Maps Street View



Well, well, well, look at you, Mr. or Ms. Fancy Pants, using Google Maps to find your way around like a modern-day Christopher Columbus! But wait, there’s more to this trusty app than just giving you directions. It’s also got this nifty little feature called street view that lets you take a virtual stroll down pretty much any street in the whole wide world. It’s like a digital walking tour, minus the sore feet and awkward tour guide banter.

Now, I’m not one to rain on anyone’s parade, but you might want to think twice before letting potential robbers or creepy stalkers get a good look at your home on street view. I mean, a little mystery never hurt anyone, right? Lucky for you, Google Maps lets you blur out your home, face, and even your vehicle’s number plate. It’s like a digital invisibility cloak for your home sweet home!

So, if you’re thinking “I want in on this privacy action,” then listen up, because I’m about to drop some knowledge. First things first, grab your laptop or PC – this isn’t a mobile app game, folks. Then, type in your address and click on the image of your house or chosen location. Now, scroll over to the bottom right corner and look for the ‘report a problem’ option. Give it a click like it’s hot, and a little box will pop up, asking you what exactly you want to blur out.

After you’ve made your selections and fine-tuned the image, you’ll need to enter your email and do a quick verification dance with a captcha. Once that’s all said and done, Google will let you know whether your wish for privacy has been granted or denied.

There you have it, my savvy digital pedestrians. Now you can keep your secrets hidden and your privacy intact – all thanks to the magic of Google Maps Street View. So, go forth and blur out to your heart’s content!


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