How to Navigate Google’s HCU without Losing Your Mind



Well, well, well, look who’s at it again with their shenanigans. That’s right, it’s Google, pulling another rabbit out of their hat with this Helpful Content Update (HCU). If your rankings are dropping like it’s hot, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how to fix it. Don’t worry, Google’s got your back…sort of.

So, some joker on X (formerly Twitter) went on a rant about how tricky it is to figure out this whole HCU mess. They were like, “These SEO folks keep telling me to check the pages that took the biggest nosedive. But if HCU is playing games with everything, how am I supposed to tell what’s useful and what’s trash? Cut me some slack!”

And guess what? Google’s very own SearchLiaison chimed in with some nuggets of wisdom. First off, they basically said, “Hold your horses, people! HCU doesn’t hit every page on your site – it’s more about the individual pages, you dig?”

But wait, there’s more. SearchLiaison also pointed out that just because your rankings have gone down, it doesn’t automatically mean your content stinks. Sometimes, it’s just not as relevant as what’s hogging the limelight in the search results. Yeah, relevance is a fickle friend, my mate.

Alright, but what about the person who started this whole palaver on X? They ended up feeling a bit bamboozled by Google’s HCU FAQ, which, fair play. The FAQ is basically like, “We work at the page level, but also, unhelpful content can drag the whole site down. So, good luck figuring that out, losers!”

Let’s face it – Google’s about as clear as muck with their explanations, aren’t they? It’s like trying to crack ancient hieroglyphics sometimes!

My advice? Take a deep breath, heed SearchLiaison’s pearls of wisdom, and maybe get someone else to cast an eye over your content. A fresh pair of peepers might just spot something you missed.

Feeling a bit better about dealing with Google’s latest brain-teaser now? Good, me neither! But hey, at least we’re in this together.


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