Looking into the Future with Envision’s Award-Winning Smart Glasses



Alright, so you remember all the buzz about Google Glass back in the day? Well, Envision, the top-notch tech company for visually impaired folks, has brought back the Google Glass technology. These guys are basically the superheroes of the visually impaired community. Karthik Kannan, the founder and tech genius of Envision, spilled the beans and mentioned that they’re the only ones who can directly sell these glasses to consumers. It’s like a secret club and they’ve got the exclusive membership.

Envision kicked off in 2017 with a nifty app – now called Envision AI – that uses a phone camera to help users recognize and read all sorts of things, making life a walk in the park (or should I say, a stroll in the apps?) for those who are visually impaired. And as you can imagine, people loved it! This led to the birth of the Envision Glasses and boy, have they evolved and gone through some serious glow-ups since then. Priced from £1,899 to £3,499, these glasses are like the haute couture of the tech world.

Thanks to their impressive app, Envision struck a deal with Google and turned their glasses into a must-have accessory. Talk about a Cinderella story for a piece of tech! Plus, with technology constantly reinventing itself, Envision is making big plans for the future. It’s like they’re saying, “Move over, regular glasses. It’s the era of the smart glasses now!”

In the age of AI taking over the world, it only makes sense that assistive technology reaches new heights. The assistive technology market is on the rise and set to top over £32 billion by 2030. Don’t you just love it when good tech has the spotlight? Envision’s AI-powered glasses are now even more awesome, with 70% of its features accessible offline. It’s like these glasses are getting their own superhero origin story and totally owning it. They’re even besties with Meta and may soon be compatible with their cool Ray-Ban Meta glasses.

And let’s not forget, in true spy-movie style, the Envision glasses even help users to do video calls. Who would’ve thought you could video call with your fancy specs? It’s like having your own cool little gadget that does it all – fitting, since these glasses are a lot like Batman’s utility belt – they’ve got a feature for just about everything.

But really, Envision is like an all-rounder player in the tech world. They’re not just all about the glasses; they’re still head over heels in love with their app and are gearing up to launch a desktop version soon. They’ve even got their sights set on joining forces with other tech companies to spread the word and make life easier for all.

What’s more, they’ve got big plans for the future! They’re not just focused on the cool glasses; they’re channelling their inner superhero cape and want to expand their offerings to cater to various disabilities. They’ve got their eyes set on making life easier for folks with dyslexia, dementia, and more. It’s like they’re telling the world, “Keep ’em coming – we’re ready for every challenge you throw at us!”

And, if that wasn’t cool enough, they’re also swooping into markets like the Middle East, making leaps and bounds to optimize their tech for users there too. Proving, yet again, that Envision’s got the whole globe in their sights. Plus, the proof’s in the Envision pudding: It’s not just Kannan and his team patting themselves on the back – happy customers worldwide are giving them a thumbs-up too.

And just in case you want to know who’s the brain behind this fantastic creation – that would be Steve Jobs for Karthik Kannan. He’s channeling his inner visionary (but with glasses on, of course) to turn all his big dreams into real-life tech magic. His eye’s set on making accessibility universal – keeping a lookout for a Braille-covered Xanadu straight ahead.


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