The Heartbreaking Story of a Man’s Home Before and After the Tsunami in Palu



Alright, so get this, there’s a new thing where people are scoping out their gaffs on Google Maps before big events. One lad from Palu thought he’d get in on the action and posted a snap of his gaff before a tsunami hit the area in 2018. Now, before you start yawning, hold on to your knickers because this story is a real tearjerker.

This fella, who goes by @pemudahhijrah99 on TikTok, shared a vid of his place on Jalan Komodo, Palu, on Google Maps in 2018 – just a week before the tsunami turned up uninvited. The gaff was all snug and cosy, with the street lined with houses and his fam chilling in front of their gaff, looking all happy and stuff. Fast forward to 2024, and the whole bloomin’ village has been wiped out by the tsunami. His gaff is a goner, and so are his parents and siblings. It’s proper tough to even fathom how gut-wrenching that loss must’ve been.

The vid was only a few seconds long, but it paints a powerful picture of the before and after. It shows the stark contrast between what once was and what it is now. The gaff that used to stand tall is now just a memory, and the fam that used to be complete is now broken. It’s a raw and emotional look at the aftermath of a natural disaster.

When the tsunami hit, the lad was out of town, but his parents and four siblings were at home. Sadly, only three of his siblings made it out alive. His mum and the sibling from the 2018 pic were never found. It’s a heartbreaking story that really puts into perspective the destructive power of natural disasters.

The vid went viral, and people were gobsmacked by the sheer scale of the loss this fella had suffered. It’s a reminder of just how quickly life can change and how vital it is to cherish every moment. It’s also a testament to the strength of the human spirit – even in the face of such tragedy, this lad is still standing strong in Gorontalo.

It’s a sobering and emotional story, but it’s important to shed light on the real human impact of natural disasters. It’s not just about figures and stats – it’s about real people whose lives have been forever changed.

So, next time you’re browsing Google Maps or TikTok, take a moment to appreciate the little things and squeeze your loved ones a little tighter. And if you’re ever feeling a bit low, just remember this fella from Palu who’s facing the world with courage and strength, despite the massive loss he’s had to endure. Cheers to him, and cheers to appreciating the bloomin’ beauty of life!


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