A Blow to ANC: South Africa’s Election Court Denies Bid to De-Register Zuma’s MK Party

-The South African election court rejected the ANC’s attempt to de-register former President Jacob Zuma’s MKMVA party.
-The ANC’s bid was rejected due to lack of convincing evidence of alleged irregularities in the MKMVA’s general meeting.
-The court’s decision is seen as a setback for the ANC and reflects internal power struggles within the party.
-The MKMVA is loyal to Zuma and has been critical of President Cyril Ramaphosa.
-The ANC’s failure to de-register the MKMVA could impact its internal cohesion and authority over factions.
-The court’s decision may intensify the power struggle within the ANC and affect its prospects in local government elections.
-The ruling underscores the challenges the ANC faces in managing internal divisions and maintaining influence in South African politics.


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