Arizona Election Misinformation: What’s Happening and Why It Matters

– Arizona is a major concern for election misinformation prior to the 2024 elections
– Threats and harassment against election workers and officials in Arizona are a major issue, with over a third of all federal election threat cases in the U.S.
– The 2020 presidential race in Arizona was close, leading to a surge in misinformation from former President Trump and other Republicans
– Arizona has been a hotbed of election denialism, with baseless claims and fake electors scheme under investigation
– Threats against election workers and officials have increased, leading to concerns about the safety of election officials nationwide
– The rise of election denialist networks online, foreign influence, and global conflicts pose a threat as the 2024 elections approach
– The situation in Arizona is a warning of the need to address election misinformation and threats against election workers and officials
– It’s essential to protect our election process and the individuals who work to ensure its integrity amid the current environment.


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