Bringing Back the Classics: Mike Tramp’s New Album Breathes Life into White Lion’s Hits

– Mike Tramp, vocalist of White Lion, releases reimagined album of band’s classic songs
– Album titled “Songs Of White Lion” pays homage to band’s iconic tunes
– White Lion gained recognition in 1980s with album “Pride”
– Tramp, now 62, revisits band’s golden era with new perspective
– Tramp’s vocals mature, collaborate with guitarist Marcus Nand
– Album features soft rock gems like “Lady Of The Valley”, “Little Fighter”, and “Cry For Freedom”
– Re-recording classic material is a brave move
– “Songs Of White Lion” offers fresh perspective for longtime listeners and newcomers
– Tramp’s album testament to timelessness of White Lion’s music
– Infuses classics with renewed energy, brings band’s legacy into present day


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