“Enid City Commissioner Under Fire: Recap of the Recall Election Forum”

– Enid City Commissioner Judd Blevins and recall election opponent Cheryl Patterson faced scrutiny at a recent candidate forum.
– Concerns over Blevins’ alleged association with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups prompted the recall election.
– A photo of Blevins at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va, attended by such groups, surfaced.
– Blevins was asked to denounce white supremacy and white nationalism during the forum, to which he responded by opposing all forms of racial hate and discrimination.
– He clarified that he attended the rally to protest the removal of a statue and did not engage in violence.
– Blevins’ past affiliations with white identity groups were also discussed at the forum.
– Some residents see the recall election as an opportunity for new leadership in Ward 1, hoping to move past the controversy.
– Attendees voiced support for Cheryl Patterson as an alternative leader.
– The recall election is set for Apr. 2.


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