Exciting Updates on Florida’s November Ballot

Floridians eagerly await the November ballot, which could feature these proposed amendments:

Amendment 1:
– Requires school board candidates to disclose political party affiliation
– School board races currently nonpartisan

Amendment 2:
– Enshrines hunting and fishing as a public right
– Preferred means of managing and controlling fish and wildlife

Amendment 3:
– Allows adults 21 or older to possess, purchase and use marijuana for non-medical consumption
– Proposed by Smart & Safe Florida

Amendment 4:
– Prohibits the state from creating laws to ban, delay, penalize or restrict abortions
– Ensures abortion access before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health

Amendment 5:
– Changes the assessed value of a property with a homestead exemption
– Adjusts property taxes for positive inflation growth annually

In addition, Floridians await rulings on recreational marijuana and expanding abortion access:

Recreational Marijuana:
– Proposed amendment to remove penalties for marijuana use for people 21 and older
– Previous amendment legalised medical marijuana in 2016

Expanding Abortion Access:
– Amendment to protect abortion access up until viability
– Aimed at undoing current bans and blocking potential new bans

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody seeks to remove these amendments from the ballot.

If they make it to the ballot, the amendments will need 60% of voter support to pass. Exciting times ahead for Floridians!


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