“New Guidelines on Online Platforms and Search Engines to Protect Electoral Integrity”

The European Commission has released guidelines to help online platforms and search engines combat threats to election integrity, focusing on the upcoming European Parliament elections as part of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Key points from the guidelines:

– Specific measures for the upcoming European elections
– Proportional resources and risk mitigation measures
– Cooperation with the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) Task Force

Online platforms and search engines with over 45 million active EU users must comply. Failure may require proving equally effective alternative measures to the Commission. Stress tests are planned with stakeholders.

Electoral integrity is a priority under the DSA, with readiness dialogues and public consultation in progress.

The guidelines are part of broader efforts including the Code of Practice on disinformation, the Regulation on transparency of political advertising, and the Commission Recommendation on electoral processes.

Overall, these guidelines are crucial for online platforms and search engines in protecting the democratic process and upholding fundamental rights.


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