The Emotional Impact of Trump and Biden on American Voters

– A recent poll shows stark emotional differences between Democrats and Republicans regarding potential victory of Trump or Biden
– More Democrats fearful/angry about Trump victory, Republicans more excited about Trump than Democrats about Biden
– 70% of Democrats “angry” or “fearful” if Trump wins, 56% of Republicans feel same about a Biden victory
– About 40% of U.S. adults “fearful” if Trump wins, 30% would fear a second Biden term
– 54% of Republicans excited about Trump win, 40% of Democrats excited about Biden
– Democrats more emotionally invested in Trump victory than Republicans are about Biden winning
– Biden’s approval rating at 38%, concerns about economy and immigration handling
– 30% of Democrats disapprove of Biden’s economy handling, 40% disapprove of immigration approach
– Emotional and approval rating differences pose challenges and opportunities for Trump and Biden
– Understanding voter emotions and concerns crucial for candidates on campaign trail


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