8K Gaming with Horizon Forbidden West: Nvidia DLSS vs. AMD and Intel Tech



Horizon Forbidden West has arrived on PC, making it a tempting option over getting a PS5.

The game runs well on an 8K gaming rig with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 GPU.

Questions arise about the capabilities of the future PS5 Pro to target 8K resolutions.

Sony’s move to bring its games to PC offers great options, including support for hardware like Nvidia and ultrawide monitors.

The game supports DLSS 3 for Nvidia RTX graphics, AMD FSR 2.2, and Intel XeSS, enabling GPUs to hit 8K resolution while maintaining playable framerates.

In testing, DLSS 3 proved to be the best choice for enabling 8K gaming with minimal compromises in image quality.

Nvidia DLSS remains the top choice for 8K gaming, surpassing AMD and Intel’s upscaling technology.

Overall, it’s a great time for gamers to have more choices and opportunities for high-quality gaming experiences, whether on PC or consoles.


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