“Get Ready for Intel’s Next-Gen Battlemage GPUs: What to Expect”



– Intel to release second generation Battlemage discrete graphics cards for desktops in second half of 2024
– Two confirmed GPUs: Battlemage G10 and Battlemage G21
– G10 targets mainstream and mid-range PC gaming, G21 replaces current Arc models like A750 and A770
– Partners have access to silicon, hinting at an earlier launch date

High-end Battlemage Xe2 graphics features:
– 225W SKU with improved ray-tracing, AI capabilities, and 12GB VRAM
– Next generation XeSS technology, including Frame Generation
– Performance similar to GeForce RTX 4070

– Battlemage GPU pricing crucial for success, competing with Radeon RX 7800 XT and GeForce RTX 4070 in $400 – $600 range
– With stable drivers and broad game support, Intel’s Battlemage could be a strong mid-range GPU option
– SiSoft Sandra database leak reveals details about next-gen flagship Battlemage Xe2-HPG GPU with up to 24 GPU cores and 12GB VRAM
– No next-gen Battlemage GPUs for laptops, Intel focusing on discrete graphics cards for desktops
– Intel’s upcoming Battlemage GPUs to make GPU market more competitive, worth monitoring for anyone in the market for a new graphics card


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