Intel CEO’s Compensation Still Lagging Behind AMD CEO’s Despite 2023 Boost



Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger saw a 45% increase in total compensation, bringing his 2023 earnings to $16.86 million. However, AMD CEO Lisa Su maintains an 80% lead with a total compensation of $30.35 million.

Both CEOs’ total compensation includes base salary, stock awards and options, and other bonuses and incentives. Gelsinger’s 2023 salary was $1.07 million, with an additional $12.43 million in stock awards, while Su received a $1.2 million salary and $27.69 million in stock and options. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s 2023 compensation has not been published, but his 2022 total compensation was $21.36 million, with a notable 239% increase in Nvidia stock.

Despite the boost in Gelsinger’s compensation, he still trails behind Su in total earnings. Nvidia’s CEO compensation for 2023 is expected to reflect the company’s impressive stock performance.


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