Is the Intel Core i9-14900KS 6.2 GHz & 24 Core Desktop CPU Worth It? Let’s Find Out!



Intel introduced the Raptor Lake CPU family last year under the 14th Gen branding, featuring a +200 MHz clock speed increase. The main question is whether this update will be enough to compete with AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs, particularly the newer X3D parts. Here’s a closer look at the features of the Intel 14th Gen Raptor Lake Desktop CPUs:

– Same Architecture and Process Node as Raptor Lake
– Higher Clock Speeds Beyond 6.0 GHz
– Support for Faster DDR5 Memory DIMMs
– Much Higher Power Consumption
– Compatibility with Existing LGA 1700 / 1800 Socket Motherboards

The top of the line chip, the Core i9-14900KS CPU, is priced at $699 US. The question remains whether it’s worth the price tag.


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