New Intel Battlemage G21 and G10 GPUs Ready for Launch



– Intel’s upcoming Battlemage GPU series has been kept under wraps, but recent shipping manifests indicate that the G10 and G21 GPUs are gearing up for launch.
– Company employees have confirmed that Intel is actively involved in software development for the next-gen GPUs.
– The Battlemage GPU series is confirmed to include at least one GPU processor, the G21, observed during a tour at Intel labs.
– Recent shipping manifests have surfaced, indicating the existence of the rumored G10 GPU.
– The G10 and G21 processors were mentioned in an unofficial roadmap leaked last year, with the G21 being a high-end version and the G10 a mid-range SKU.
– Rumors suggest that NVIDIA might launch its Blackwell RTX 50 series this year, putting pressure on Intel to unveil its Battlemage series in a timely manner.
– Intel ARC Graphics Roadmap reveals more details about the upcoming GPUs, including the “Alchemist”, “Celestial”, and “Druid” architectures, fabrication nodes and release dates for each.
– Intel is gearing up to make a splash in the GPU market with the launch of their Battlemage series, with fans eagerly awaiting more news in the coming months.


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