The New AI PCs: What Microsoft and Intel Want



Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and AMD are all working on AI-powered PCs.
Microsoft’s AI PC Requirements:
– OEMs must provide a combination of hardware and software for the AI PC.
– It must include a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the latest CPUs and GPUs, and access to Microsoft’s Copilot.
– The device must have a Copilot key.
– Asus’ new ROG Zephyrus, while powered by Intel’s new Core Ultra chips, does not meet Microsoft’s strict requirements because it lacks a Copilot key.

Intel’s Perspective:
– Intel considers devices with Core Ultra and an integrated NPU to be AI PCs, even without the physical Copilot key.
– The company hopes that OEMs will eventually adhere to Microsoft’s requirements and add the Copilot key.

Future of AI PCs:
– It is unclear what OEMs will gain by adhering to Microsoft’s AI PC definition.
– Microsoft is set to hold an AI and Surface event on May 20th to reveal more details.
– Intel is expanding its AI PC acceleration program to attract software and hardware developers.
– Qualcomm is set to launch Snapdragon X Elite laptops that could offer a big performance leap for Windows on Arm.
– Google is releasing an optimized version of Chrome for Windows on Arm.

The race is on for Intel and Microsoft to get as many developers and hardware vendors on board for the rollout of AI PCs. The May 20th event could reveal more about Microsoft’s vision for AI hardware and software.


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