3 recommended Kopitiams in Bali for a Fun Hangout Experience



Kopitiam, a term commonly used in Malay-Chinese culture to refer to a coffee shop, is known for serving a variety of Chinese specialties. For those interested in experiencing this, there are several kopitiams in Bali that can be visited, serving as enjoyable venues for socialising with friends.

Bali, as detailed in Dayat Suryana’s “Bali dan Sekitarnya” (2012: 5), is not only a province in Indonesia, but also the name of its largest island. Recognised as a popular holiday destination, the island boasts numerous exciting locations suitable for social gatherings. Among these are three notable kopitiams in Bali.

1. Jade Monkey
Jade Monkey offers an array of dishes including dimsum and toast, along with a variety of teas and coffees. Notably, the establishment is owned by a chef renowned for their participation in a prestigious Indonesian cooking event.

2. Kedai Kopi Butter
This kopitiam stands as the first in Bali to introduce butter coffee as a main offering, accompanied by a selection of Chinese dishes such as noodles.

3. Kopitiam Bersaudara
Situated in South Denpasar and located near Ramayana Sesetan, Kopitiam Bersaudara presents a diverse menu that includes noodles and tea, with the unique feature of serving food in hot claypots.

In addition to serving as social spaces, these three kopitiams can be seen as culinary tourism references, particularly for those desiring an assortment of Chinese cuisine. (LOV)


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